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Keeping More Than One Wife


Is it right to have two or three wives without any reason according to islam? as my husband mention Prophet (pbuh) has said the good amongst you has more wives

Is it true?


slam allows polygamy on three basic conditions: 
(1) Preservation of the purity and cordiality of family life so that it may not become the cause of disruption of the family affairs. 
(2) Number of wives not to exceed four. 
(3) Equitable treatment of all the wives. 
Now let us see what the Quran says in this respect: 
“Marry women of your liking, two or three or four, and if you fear that you shall not deal justly with so many then (marry) only one” (Surah AI-Nisa, 4:3)

For further reference, plz refer to:

Kumail Rajani