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Qadha Fasts


I had missed my Wajib Fasts, but unfortunately did the qaza after few years ( did not fast the following year before the next Ramadhan started).

Apart from the qaza I have now done is there any Fidya I also need to pay for every fast?

I do not remember the exact number of fasts I missed.



Salamun Alaykum.

If you did not observe the fast intentionally until the next Ramadhan, you have to observe the Qadha (which you already have done) as well as give one Mudd (750g) to the poor for each fast.

This rule however, only applies to the delayed fasts of the first year. Calculate the number of fasts missed in the first year, and pay the kaffarah accoringly. As for the delay in subsequent years, nothing is obligatory on you.

Irfan D.