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Is there any Kaffara / Sadqa for miscarriage.


Aoa I want to ask a question from Any Shia Alim.. Last year I went on zyaraat sham Iraq iran Alhmdulillah..i have 3 boys Mashallah.. I prayed on every Roza for my Daughter that Allah give us daughter this time…i also pray for my younger brother that may Allah bless him with Aulaad….at one Roza I don’t remember in Iraq or iran, I unintentionally, or u can say in deep emotions I prayed that may Allah give me daughter after my brother’s Aulaad.. So that he n my sister in law may not feel more… I prayed there just for one time… From that time till today, I conceived 2times and unfortunately both times within 3months I had miscarriage…my brother yet has no kid..May Allah give him soon Ameen… Plz help me what should i do now in this condition…any kufara any sadqa?? I’m so worried and due to miscarriage so broken.. Please help me in this regard… JazakAllah


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
Allah is extremely loving and kind. If you have miscarried twice there must be an underlying cause. InshaAllah nothing to do with the dua.because your dua was full of love for your brother and his wife.
If it worries you, set aside some good amount of charity and make loads of duas. Speak to Allah and ask him to bless you and your brother with whatever HE knows is best InshaAllah.
Pls also recite dua no.25 from sahifah sajjadiyah. Your brother and his wife should recite it too.

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery