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Whats is the kaffarah for a broken oath


I promised to God that I won’t do bad things on internet. And if i did you can take my loved once away from me and may i never stay happy in this world if i broke this promise. But sadly i broked my promise :/. whats it kaffarah ? And after giving kaffarah its still faraz to continue to fulfil my promise.


Wa Alaykum al-Salam

Thank you for your question. When you admit that you had promised your Lord “not to get into wrong things in internet” it’s clear, that you don’t won’t to displease your Lord and this is suppose to be a continuous thing throughout your life.

In the meantime, to keep conditions like “if I break my promise – I should not be happy in this world! This is not something that you can either ask for or not, rather, you will see the consequences of your deeds. Which will automatically follow as per the natural rule kept by our Lord in this world.

Above was for your general information.

However, Oath in Islam has its specific condition and after you have met with all the conditions there is a specific Kaffarah for breaking it.
Kindly see the rulings below:

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