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Do I need to offer kaffarah for a broken ‘Oath ‘


Assalamu Alikum

I placed by hand on the quran and said i wont masturbate for one week,but after two days i masturbated i couldn’t help it i am addicted to it I have tried everything and still fail to stop. Am i sinful for placing my hand on Quran and saying wont commit a sin because i thought i would stop but i was wrong shaytan got me. Do i need to offer kaffarah or anything like that. i am desperate to stop but i cant so i a trying evrything to make myself stop but cant.

thank you


Wa Alaykum al-Salam

Thank you for your question.

It is important to know that “Oath” has its own conditions that has to be met to for it to be correct.

I am sharing a link below with the details. Nevertheless, such practices of keeping hand on Holy Qur’an etc should also not be undermined.

Iphone Quran App Oath

In regards to the habit that you have got in, I will suggest you go through the following link.

Addicted to Pornography And Masturbating

I hope this should help the situation.
My duas with you