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Just married but wife is not interested in physical relation


Plzz give me advice so that I can remain happy. My married life has made me sad.
She is very in one way that she is supporting me in my civil service preparation.
But as for our sexual life is, that is desperate.
She is not letting me have sex.
I am having strong feeling for sex.
Whenever I have sex I feel I am raping her. Moreover she cries and weeps on tiny issues.
PLZZ advice me so that I remain happy.


Waalykum salam

thank You for your question

I’m not sure what the issue really is. But if there is no such reason for  her behavior and you are just married then maybe your wife needs some time to adopt to her new responsibilities.

At times, some women find it hard to adapt to their married life duty and just need so time and comfort of Their husbands. You must make sure you understand her Dilemma and help her get over it.

it is good to know that, women by nature,  nurture their love. They like to cherish their love. Hence, you may want to be friend her psychologically, fully support her, acknowledge her feelings, understands her problem and help her solve it InshaAllah

should you feel she is still not ready after 2-3 months of adapting new ways to comfort her you may seek medical attention. She maybe having some medical discomfort that can be easily solved.

hope this was useful,
InshaAllah all goes well,