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Q1. if a traveller stays for less then 10 days does he have to pray Jumah Namaaz? and if he stays for more then 10 days? and if he does recite Jumaah Namaaz, will he have to pray Zohr also? Q2. It ia mentioned that there is no Jumaah Namaaz for Ladies, however if they do pray then do they have to pray zohr namaaz too? What niyaat will they recite their Jumah Namaz ?


Alaikum salaam

A1: According to Ayatullah Sistani (h.a), namaaz Jumah is not wajib during the ghaybat of the Imam (s), although recommended, and if one attends namaaz Jumah, then
it takes the place of Zohr namaaz, and thus after namaaz Jumah he can pray Asr namaaz. This rule is the same for someone who is traveling (in which case, the namaaz jumah will be followed by 2 rakaat of namaaz Asr).

A2: According to Ayatullah Sistani (h.a.) there is no problem in women attending the Jumah namaaz, and therefore their namaaz will be valid and will take the place of Zohr namaaz.

Miqdad. R.