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God’s Justice In Hijab


Salam alaykom,

What is the proof that the headscarf is mandatory? I know in the Quran there are several verses about modesty and that back in the prophet’s lifetime (pbuh) women used to cover their hair. Isn’t that cultural? There is no mention of the headscarf per say in the Quran or the hadiths. I have a more complicated question in regards to certain difference between males and females. Many people argue that because women were created attractive, they are responsible for covering. Doesn’t that mean that women will be held accountable for something men won’t? God is just therefore we should all be judged for the same things.

Thank you


Salaam alaikum

Allah (swt) has created males and females differently but judges them the same (ie does not favour one above the others). Science has shown that men and women are not the same and have different features etc. Therefore whilst hijab is obligatory for women, maintenance of the house and family is obligatory for men etc Each has their responsibility and duties in accordance with the way Allah (swt) has created them.


Sh Mohammed