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IVF samples


Salam alykum, hope all is well. I had a very sensitive question regarding IVF I was reading up on the process and had a question regarding the fiqh of one of the stages. There is a stage that requires the couple to turn up on the day of the fertilisation so that the eggs and sperm samples can be collected from the couple. On the day, the woman is taken into a room and sedated while they extract her eggs. At the same time, the man is taken into a seperate room where he has to produce a sperm sample for collection through the obvious way. Before these stages, there is no restrictions on how the sample is obtained (the woman can help the man collect the sample without affecting the sample etc) but in this particular stage, the man has to do it on his own/without his wife. Is this allowed given the circumstances? And if it is allowed, would it have adverse effects on the baby? We haven’t asked the hospital whether they would allow for the sperm sample to be taken earlier in the day in the usual halal way (woman helping the man) and preserved but as it stands, the standard procedure is for the man to produce it on his own. I’m asking in the event that there is noo other option but to produce the sample on my own


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your question.
For your query I called the office of sayyid sistani and they said that under no circumstance can a man provide his sperm by himself, because Masturbation is Haram.
You must seek for another way to solve this issue. Like you can go through his procedure prior to your own.
Hope this helps,

Kind regards,


Naajiya Jaffery