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It seems to me as if the current Jews in Madinah are accused of the crimes of the past Jews?? Kindly explain the logic please


Salamunalaykum. With good intentions to remove doubt I want to ask following question. Reading Surah Baqarah I noticed it is widely discusses how Jews disobeyed before such as the taking of the baby cow as an idol, resisting to sacrifice the cow, not fighting, killing prophets, changing the revelation etc. Yet the sentence says كم “You” instead of “them”هم and later on It also says they are a past nation and their deeds for them and your deeds for you. It seems to me as if the current Jews in Madinah are accused of the crimes of the past Jews. Because they weren’t the ones who killed the prophets or made the baby cow idol etc.
Can you explain the logic please, possibly there is something I don’t understand about Arabic grammar or something.
Thank you.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thank you for your question

There are different answers regarding different aspects of this question; on the interpretational aspect, in verse 40 of this sura, Allah swt talks to all of jews “O Children of Israel, remember My blessing which I bestowed upon you, and fulfill My covenant that I may fulfill your covenant, and be in awe of Me [alone].” so it shows that the direct audience of these ayat are all of jews (past and present and future). That is why in the follwing verses Allah swt refers to them as “کم” (you).
so Allah swt is counting his bellesings for the Children of Israel directly to them (he is not talking indirectly about Jews like in 2:121,146 …). when we speake to someone directly we have to say you, and can not say them.
also, another reasong is Allah swt considered the current Jews like their predecessors (for few reasons like accepting the actions of their ancestors and not rejecting it, as we see in a narration from imam Ali a.s “: He who agrees with the action of a group of persons is as though he joins them in that action” Nahj al-Balagha hadith 154)), since they are the same this is not accusation.


Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi