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istikhara came out bad and my parents are afraid of proceeding


Assalamualaikum, My parents performed Istikhara about a girl from a local Aleem e Deen and it came out to be SURAH YUNUS AYAT 36 & the aleem-e-deen said is a no/bad response, my mother did not disclose about the negative doubt she had about the girls grand mother in her heart, Later the doubt was cleared after discusing with my sister but since the istikhara came out bad my parents are afraid of proceeding ahead with this relation, what should i do now? you are opinions are appreciated jazakallah, wasalam

Alaykum salaam
It would be best to take heed of the verse and not proceed. Perhaps there is a better relationship waiting for both of you.
It is also possible to give sadaqat to avert bala and then repeat the istikhara and observe that.
Best regards
Abbas Jaffer