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issues with wife due to materialistic demand


Me and my wife got married almost 9 months ago. We had a relation of almost o e year during which we had intense fights. But some how I managed to marry her. But our fights still not stopped. After every two or three days we used to Fought. I am going through financial crisis and some times she comes up with new demand and start blaming me that I spend money at home but not spending on her a lot on shopping and all. What shall I do she is pregnant but she is very materialistic and have her own point of view and she want that only. Let me know what shall I do.

Salaam Alaykum,
Marriage is a very holy knot where two souls come together and live a life together. This could be very challenging in your beginning years as ypu both grow together to learn to give and take and compromise.
Regarding your issue, communication can solve this. If you have a good communication with her then you should let her know of your concern and explain her your situation.
If you share your work crisis, income, etc etc worries, then maybe she will be able to draw a better picture of your economical status.
If this doesn’t work, then pls ask an elderly Person who is influential on her to speak to her in a polite manner and make her aware of your concerns.
If the above is not working either, maybe family counselling could help..
I pray all goes well, and that you’re both able to enjoy your baby to the fullest..