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isnt wife obligated to take care of parents in law


Asalam-u-alikum , I have done Nikkah in the previous year , and will be doing rukhsati in a month from now, After our nikkah me and my wife have been talking on phone and text messages, my wife studies at a local Islamic Institute namely Al-Qaim , she have told me that she will not look after my parents in any way as it is not obligated on her by Islamic laws, I haven’t asked her to take care of them after marriage , I only requested her to help my mother in daily chores. I find it quit disturbing honestly because over the course of years in my house I have learned to take care of parent in laws as my own parents and this goes for both Guy and Girl, and if she will not help my mother then obviously differences will arise in the relationship of my mother and her’s , which will ultimately effect our marriage as-well, I thought anything can be solved with communication , so I have had a chat with her multiple times but she keeps on insisting that she is not obligated to do home chores at all let alone taking care of parents in law. Please guide me is it really true ? In an Ideal scenario a wife isn’t obligated to take care of her parents in law?

Assalamu alaykum
Thank you for your Question.
I’m sure this issue must be bothering you alot. InshAllah I’m able to explain it well.
According to Islamic laws,  a woman is not obliged to do house chores and or be forced to do them.
However, Islam is not only about Islamic laws. Life does not run ‘just’ on Islamic laws, rather it runs on other aspects of Islam too like Akhlaq, Aqaid etc etc. Similarly life after marriage runs on love, understanding, and compromise and not just Islamic laws.
Islamic laws are meant to protect rights of one another and generate greater understanding of “do’s and don’ts”. Therefore they cannot be used to the contrary.
I also find it worth mentioning that, parents in law, after Nikah, are declared Mahram  for life, even after -God forbid- a divorce of the couple, parents in law remain Mahram for life.
In this case, your father and mother become her father and mother for life. Would she not look after her own parents??
Your approach into solving the issue is great, communication always helps. Make sure you are doing it politely and with love so that it does not entail bitter memories.