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Islamically what is my position?


Asalamu Alaykum,
I come from a Christian Orthodox family but I accepted Islam 4 years ago Alhamdulilah. Most of my family still don’t know my new religion because they are very religious and cultural (I am from a conservative country). However, after a few years my mum found out and now she’s ok with it Alhamdulilah (but not happy) I know in Islam you have to make your mother happy with you as long as she doesn’t go against the will of Allah and I am having problems related to marriage. My mother wants me to marry a man from my country (we have some ethnic Muslims in my country) however I do not wish to marry my country man. My mother has cried many times and said she is very sad about my religion choice but she will be happy if I chose to at least marry my countryman. I promised her that I will not look to marry anybody else that she doesn’t want, as long as he’s Muslim I will marry him if she’s happy. Please, am I doing the right thing? Islamically what is my position?


ولایت ندارند

Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question

According to Ayatollah Sistani and other Maraji father or paternal grandfather’s permission is necessary for girls.

in Islam and according 4:141 non-Muslims doesn’t have superiority over Muslims, whether they are their parent or husband, So your parent considering that they are not Muslim don’t have power over your marriage (you should respect them of course) and you don’t need to ask for your fathers permission in marriage; based on the same verse of Quran you cannot marry a non-Muslim man.

You can convince your mother by telling her about the order of your religion about forbidding marriage with non-Muslims and stating the problems that might come from marring a non-Muslim ( in different level like religious differences, problems In expectations, eating, marital duties, parenting children etc.)



Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi