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Islamic way to solve problems


Assalam-o-Alaikum I want to ask a question that we are seven members of a family.All of my family members used to quarrel with each other.My father act like something happened to him.we all are single none of us is married yet.My brother is hardly trying to get a job but at almost joining of job something happens and he doesn’t get a job.The case of getting married is similar when one of my siblings was going to get married his in-laws said that they don’t want her daughter to get married.Recently my sister got engaged but now her In-laws family is getting against to this.someone said to my mother to change the house.kindly suggest me some solution so we could help it.


Waalaykum Salam

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Looks like somehow everyone is kind of hope-less in your family. Meaning,
as if there is nothing more to come, we are where we are and we shall be
this way!

I’m glad that you’re kind of thinking outside the cloud and are trying to
make a change.

Following are a few things I can suggest you do:

1) play the Qur’an every single day for a few minutes where you’re sure
most family members are busy in their work but can simultaneously listen
to  the Qur’an?! This will really liven up the spirits and I’m sure your
Dad will start feeling better as soon as you do it for a few continuous

2) it could be hard when all of you’re struggling to get jobs (work). I’d
suggest you do two things under this:

i) have some outing or physical activity that will not cost you much but
will get that extra pump and oxygen to your heart and brain respectively.
This will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something in the day and
keep you fit.
Fit body has a fit brain that can think better!

ii) make use of prevailing talents in the house. I’m sure all you have
some talent. like cooking, seeing, driving etc etc. Putting these on the
run can actually eradicate the problems you guys are going through. Say,
all the women of the house could start up a small family cooking business
where most of the women of the house will be involved. This will really
liven up the energy and InshaAllah it can grow by the day too.

3) make sure you speak to Allah (azj) about your problems. At times we are
so engrossed in our little little problems that we forget that someone
MIGHTY and SUPREME has all our affairs in HIS hands and all I need to do
is to tell him verbally to feel better. This will help you feel lighter in
the inside and also liven up the real hope that one should only have on
his LORD.

4) If issues like house, work opportunities and proposals and the like
bother you give charity (Sadqah)! Allah (azj) loves this act and this
itself will keep away a lot of mishaps (balaa) away from you InshaAllah.

5) recite Ayat al-Kursi atleast 4 times every single day. This brings
extra protection to you.

6) To become stronger in your decision recite “la hawla Wa la quwwata illa
billahi al-Aliyil Adheem”

I pray your issues are solved and you’re able to do something for your

Kind regards,