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Najasah, Tahara & OCD


Thank you. It is like this; In my family they eat meat such as turkey and chicken and so on but it is not permissible food (non halal). Yesterday we had a meating where I said that I would eat halal from now on, but no one understands me, we had a big fight and I feel so bad when I pray, I dont feel nearnes to God as i used to. Is it even true that non halal food is najis even if it is chicken? I always get in touch with such meat as it’s common during my everyday life. This leads later to OCD problems that i have with Najasa. I’m going around thinking about it all day long, and i feel sick inside my self. As Prayers dont get accepted when you eat such meat or you are unclean with najasa? I have been close to quitting praying these last weeks as i feel like the religion is an burden on me, to many rules that is to hard for me to follow in a family where no one understands me regardless me explaining the issues. And one more thing, I have a member in the family that nor is an christian or muslim (people of the book), but he believes in GOD, is he najis for me? What about when we use towels in the bathroom, or when he gets me a glass of water with his wet hand for example whole me is getting najis during the day. Is there any Marja that says something else? Is the sharia different for me as i live in different circumstances? I feel like islam is literally pushing me towards OCD as i have to take in percussion of every step i take during the day.


1. Islam is strictly against waswas ( a type of OCD). For the very reason, a person suffering from OCD needs to neglect the doubt in most of the occasions as their doubts are normally superficial.

2. Eating non-halal food is not permitted. You should avoid it. One can opt for vegetables in the given context.

3. Ayatyllah Fadlullah (Late) issued a fatwa which said: All the human beings are pure.

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