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Islamic teaching regarding Salah for people with memory problems


What is the Islamic teaching regarding Salah for people with memory problems who forget surah or which rikat they are in? Going to a mosque for congregation is not an option due to old age / inability to drive.

Wa-alaykum Assalam
According to Syed Sistani rulings… if one un-intentionally forgets to recite the surah, as it is a non-rukun obligatory part of prayers (, then the prayers remain valid. See ruling 967 here
The rukuns are the following items:
1. intention;
2. takbīrat al-iḥrām while standing;
3. standing that is joined to rukūʿ, i.e. standing before rukūʿ;
4. rukūʿ;
5. two sajdahs in one rakʿah.
These items must be performed and not doing them forgetfully will invalidate the prayers.
However, if due to illness / old age / or one who doubts too much and forgets to do some thing, even on of the rukn items listed, the prayers are still valid.  Remember the worshipper here is trying to obey and worship Allah S.W.T. to the best of their ability

لا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّـهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا
God charges no soul save to its capacity [2:286], 
and what they may have forgotton will not be punishable, inshallah, unless they do so intentionally.  They can try to use aids such as pen and paper on the floor to put a line for every rukaa and sujood, for example, or use a counting turbah, if that helps.
Another aid may be to draw four boxes for each rukaa and move a coin across each one as they perform their prostration.
Hope that helps.
S.L. Al-Hakim