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Islamic Laws


Dear Alim,
Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions and teaching us more.
My question is about some Islamic laws and also about myself.
The first question is; As I know a muslim woman can only be married to one man. There has now been several occasions in Irak where ISIS man has forced kurdish muslim women to marry 12 and more ISISmen , having sex with them and thereafter killing them or leaving them to die. What does Islam say about this, is it aloud or will these men get any punishment from Allah?
My second question is; As I know Islam says that you should not kill a Muslim brother. Recently ISIS man in Irak have forced many nonmuslims to become Muslims and after that slaughtered them. Is it allowed to kill another Muslim or nonmuslim in this way, when the person didn´t even attack the ISIS?
My third question is about myself. I hope you forgive my question but I need to talk with an Alim about this.I have been a good Muslim during my life, brought up in Muslim family,done no harm to others and loved my Allah. When I look around in the world and see that people are not living and doing according to the peaceful Koran and muslims are killing other muslims because they are another etnic group, I sometimes loose my faith and hope. If I decide to not be a Muslim anymore, can I ask an Imam to make me nonmuslim?
Thank you for your time , Allah be with you.


1. Yes it is haram and deserve a serious punishment from Allah swt

2. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim or Non Muslim

3. Yes, you should consult an alim and I suggest that you being a Muslim need to show by your words and actions that Islam is a peaceful religion. In every religion, there are such extreme beliefs and ideas and by no means they represent any religion. Basically, religions never teach extremity. By the way, denouncing a faith is not a correct path you have chosen. Stay firm on your belief and a wrong attitude of a minority shouldn’t trigger you to denounce your own faith which you have selected on the basis of rationality and peaceful nature.

Kumail Rajani