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What does Islam say about Women.


basically I am 16 and I was in a group on the ps4 Party talking, so one of my friends who is an atheist said that what if we are wrong and he was aiming it at women, he said that women always have to stay dependent on the men and stay at home so what if she wastes her life living at home to then find out heaven and hell doesn’t exist, she has just wasted her life. So then to that I replied but the belief is real and strong it’s what The prophet did so it what we believe. I do not have the correct knowledge so this is why I wanted to ask to find out for myself and to let my friend know as well.



First of all Islam is not forcing women to stay at home all the time and deprave them from being socially active. We see in the history of Islam that even the prophet’s own daughter lady Fatimah were socially active (from helping in the battle of uhud till speaking in the al masjid an Nabawi) or Lady Zainab bint Ali a.s whom had a class for women of the city of KUFA on interpretation of Quran etc. secondly Islam completely rejects the idea of wasting time (which is one of the greatest gifts that Allah has given to us) for anybody; a woman living in a home doesn’t mean she is wasting her life, a large part of child growth process is on mothers (from nurturing to teaching manners and principles) and it’s not just about Muslims. So based on religion a woman can be in society (of course while maintaining religious instructions).

AAA under guidance of Sheikh Musayyibih.