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islam views about jewish practice


Hi to whom this may concern,

My name is Constantine Stambolitis. What does Islam say about Judaism saying if your mom isn’t an Israelite but your dad is, you’re not an Israelite and you were cursed since birth because of the parents’ mistakes and your parents are cursed by God for their mistakes? Can you please give Quran verses about that? I believe Judaism is unfair for that. Why do Muslims have bara for the Bani Israel ie the Jews if Jesus was one?




بسم تعالی

الهم صل الله محمد و آله

Salamu Alaykum and Peace

Insha allah I hope this correspondence finds you well Br. Constatine

You have asked two questions:

Firstly about the Jewish practice you mentioned Islam has nothing to say about it. But Islam definitly does not agree with such practice. Birth or who you born to does not hamper or create a barrier for a person to find the truth. This is something rationale and in reality does not need specific textual proof. As you yourself have indicated in your question.

Secondly, regarding the Bani Israel and the Jews and Jesus (as) I will just like to draw your attention to the fact that it was those very Jews who themselves did not accept Jesus (as). Were they not responsible for his (as) ‘crucifixion’?

But regarding the Jews, Muslims do not and should not have any issue with any individual regardless of religion if living in harmony with that person is possible. However if what you mean by Jews are Zionist then that is a different issue and crosses into the bounds of politics, oppression and human rights.

I hope this clarified the matter
Was salams

Yassar Ebrahim