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Is working for a sugar company that also manufactures alcohol halal?


Salaam, Is working for a sugar company that also manufactures alcohol halal? I will be employed and work as the Group IT Infrastructure Lead (reporting to the IT Manager) in the IT Department in the management company of the group. The management company provides shared services including IT Services to the Sub Companies of the Group. The activities of the sub companies are Sugarcane Cultivation, Sugarcane mill, Cane Sugar Refinery, Thermal Power Plants, Carbon Burnout Project and Bioethanol Distillery. The bioethanol produced by the distillery are sold to other companies and can be used in pharmaceutical, industrial products, biofuel, food, liquid fertilisers and also alcoholic beverages. Is it halal or haram to accept the post as IT Infrastructure Lead given the context mentioned above while noting that my country is not ruled by Islamic Law and consist of multi religions?


Salam alaikum
Thank you for your question.

There is a hadith that says worshiping Allah has 10 segments, out of which 9 are in earning halal.

So its good that you are being vigilant in choosing your job.

The answer I got from Ayatollah al-Udhma Sistani’s office is positive. You can work in the stated Department of a company who don’t make wine itself (although it produces a substance that is used to make wine and other things.)


Syed Asad Jamal Zaidi