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is women allowed to do mutah after separation from husband



If a women is separated from her husband from than 8 years , is she allow to get married temporarily (Muta) for her physical needs ? She is above 30 and independent with one child,
The women is not divorced only separated.

Syed Mustafa Rizvi


Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Alaikum Salaam,

Being separated is not enough.
Without divorce (religious Talaaq), it is not allowed for a women to get married to another man (temporary or permanent).

To be divorced from the Shariah point of view:
1- Either your husband agrees to divorce you
2- Or you have a prior Wakaalat from him (you made a condition prior to your marriage to be able to divorce on his behalf)
3- Or you get the divorce via the Religious Authority حاكم الشرع (i.e. the Marja)

Sheikh Nadir.