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is visiting jinn healer shirk


Dear sheikh, iam a 17 year old sister currently living in the U.K. I’ve had this burdening me for a very long time on wheneth I have committed shirk it not and can it be forgiven. So around the age of 15 my mother took me to somalia. As she left and came back, she took me to a jinn healer in Mogadishu,at first I was suspicious of what we was doing was haram but my mum would get very angry if I disagreed. This lady uses perfume on me and incense around my body while mumbling things, as my mum thinks I have a jinn and believes by taking me to this lady I would get better and the jinn healer would tell the jinn to leave me alone, and we will give you whatever you want so they start to play drums with a group of ladies there,jumping up and down summoning the jinn, so I have a auntie from the U.K. who comes to somalia just to do this for her kids as “she has a jinn” and when the drums play and they start singing she jumps up and down and me being in the middle she strangles me, hits me tells “the alleged jinn inside me” to come out. She then tells us what I have, how I can be cured to my mum and how much my mum has to pay for the goat and food the jinn wants for me to get better. Now sheikh before assumptions are made I did not not once BELIEVE IN ANY OF THIS AND ALWAYS YOLD MY Mum, This is wrong we cannot be doing this, mum I think this is an act of shirk. To a point where I beg my mum cry for me not to go there. I end up going a few times because I don’t want to disobey my mum. I always said to her please mother no it’s Haram, she would get angry and start crying then I say ok, but never ever did I believe any of this sheikh I always said to my mum always ask Allah. When my day came I was hysterical, the lady told my mother if we go back to the U.K. she would never see me again and the jinn would go crazy. My mum was crying, screaming and shouting telling me I should go, please come with me sahra I love you, I don’t want to lose you and my mum kept on telling me if I don’t believe I won’t get better. I went there crying sheikh they slaughtered the goat, put his blood on the tip of my nose feet and if I remember my hands too. Made me jump on the goat twice over it and then after all this, and the drums playing , the dancing, the perfume and incense separated on me, they made me eat food with everyone there. Rice,dates,fish,chicken and meat. They say the jinn likes it. We left somalia now we are back in London . I cry every night begging for forgiveness. My mum also recently came from hajj. Is she forgiven? I’ve been told that shirk is only forgiven if repented for it and I think I have sincerely with my heart. My mum still believes it my aunties brainwashing her telling her it’s true. Please sheikh help me out here and let me know if I’m a Jaffa’s because of what I have done. Please reply sheikh. I always tell my mum to ask alllah for forgiveness. Is it shirk? Am I wrong for not disobeying my mother because I read online that you can only disobey parents if it involves shirk and I had no idea.


Salaam Alaykum,

You must try to explain to your mother that these acts have no basis in religion.

In any case, there is no shirk here and you have nothing to fear. Keep your faith in Allah strong, read and learn Islam from the Qur’an and Sunnah. Encourage your mother to do the same and to consult scholars herself.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer