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Is there anything i can do to get forgiveness for this sin.


Salam Alaikum!
Sir i have a query. About 10-12 years ago when i was in college 12th standard, i manipulated one of my friend on the phone using a voice changer. I pretended to be a girl to him and his old school chikdhood classmate. He believed that and started talking to that girl which was infact me. I took gifts from him also during that time. I did all of this only to make fun of him later on but he got serious day by day. I had the intention of telling him some day. But because he was serious, i never told him about this mischief and broke the contct. I owe him 1500 rs in terms of gifts as well.
Sir i want to ask that how can i get forgiveness for this act. My this friend meets me and he does not know that it was me. If i tell him it will be disgraceful to me also as i am now 30 and grownup. Now my past act seems nonsense to me. My friend’s heart will also become bad by knowing this if i try to tell this.
Is there anything i can do to get forgiveness for this sin. I pay him 1500 in terms of something and what else should i do. Can u please guide me? ALLAH bless you.
Thank you!
Yours faithfully.



Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question

repent to Allah swt from what you did in the past, and if you can try to apologize from your friend and seek his forgiveness (since he will be disgraceful if you tell him directly you can apologize in general form, like asking forgiveness when we go for ziarah or Haj)

Also calculate the amount of money you owe him and pay him back



Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi