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Is there anything else that I. Need to do aside from Nikah to bring my wife home


Aslam u alaikum brother, Hope you are doing well. I got my nikkah done on 14 February 2020, my reception was delayed to August due to studies of my wife, she lives in other city. Now, due to coronavirus I have requested her parents to send her to me, I want to live with her. Studies can be continued from my city, as classes are online. She is my legal wife, I have requested my parents & her parents as well. My wife agrees too. Tell me what to do or guide me in light of Islam what is required to be done. I want to bring my wife to my place, nikkah was done in family gathering so socially event is done.
Please guide me on this,


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your question

In islam, what’s important is the Nikkah. Since you have your Nikkah recited, your wife can certainly come to your house without any other formality, functions or the like.

Best wishes,