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Is there any wazifa, so that I can marry the person I love and be his second wife


I am in  serious relationship with someone from last 6 years… He married someone because of his father , He forced him and married 3 years ago… I still cant leave him… And what I feel is he cant do it  …. I want to be his second wife…. Is there any way or wazay if you can suggest  so that he marries me too…. There is no chance of leaving him


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

Your best would be to immensely pray that Allah blesses you with the best.
More so, if the person has moved on in his life and is well settled.

InshaAllah Allah brings the best to you.
I will suggest you recite sura al-Yaseen every morning for 40 days after salah al-Fajr.

InshaAllah all goes well