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Is there any space available for me for forgiveness by Allah ?


Dear Aalim,

i want to confess about a bad deed that i have been doing since past year. I want to say that i’m really tired and ashamed of myself now. What i want to say is that i have been doing illegal / haram s×x with prostitutes. I already knew it before doing the act, that it is gunah e kabeera in islam. But everytime i was unable to control my desire and had a s×x with someone. And then i would always regret it and would decide within my mind to not ever do this again. This cycle continued for so long time. sin – grief – again sin – again gried.

That doesnt mean that i have no aemaan / belief in islam or i dont follow my religion. I am not a 5 prayer muslim but i do try to pray as much as i can. I never miss friday prayer. Moreover i never do bad with people, i always try to be good with everyone including family.

All i want to say that i have only 1 fault in me which i knew, and that is this creepy habit of doing zina/ sex. I know that it is gunah e kabeera and i will be badly punished for it after this life.

All i want to ask is that, is there any space available for me for forgiveness by Allah ?
If i stop these bullshit sins, can Allah forgive me ?
or what should i do to make Allah forgive me ? i want to come towards right path.

Just want to know how i should seek his forgiveness ? and do i have to do some umrah, or hajj to make my soul clean ?

I know this seems to be very disturbing but i only came here because i want to be on right path.

Waiting for answer.

Thanks for reading


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

kindly refer to the following links for like questions


Counsel – Zina – Repentance

Therefore, do not loose hope. Allah is all merciful and extra merciful. Repent with the above mentioned conditions

I will suggest you don’t miss any prayers, because “prayers keeps one from evil and wrong” (surah Ankabut:45)

Kind regards,
N.S. Jaffery