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Is there any kaffar if a women takes false promise over a quran to save her marriage


Once to save my marriage i took quran over my head and told a lie since then my husband believed me but i’m really unwell and really dizzy and feeling well all the time I wanted to know if there is any kaffara/sadqa for that.


Al-Salam Alaykum

holding Quran over your head and lying is not a Qasam. However lying is Haram and taking the Quran as your witness makes it worst.  On the other hand there are exception for Hurmat of lying. one is to save your marriage but it does not mean you can do other haram with this excuse. for example you can not do something which harm your husband and by lying save yourself. even with the exception in Hurmat of lying  if you harm anyone by that lie you must make it up to the one.

There is no Wajib Kaffara (Sadaqa is always Mustahab)  but you must repent to Allah and do not put yourself to a situation you have to repeat this sin.


Sayyid Madani