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Is there any halal way to know about future?


Sir AoA.

I want to know is there any halal way to know about my future? I don’t know why I am so confused and so anxious about my
future… I just want to have some idea how would my future life would be?.
Or how my future husband would look like all these questions are in my mind… I know that Allah is the best planner but still… Can one know what will happen to him or her in future…will duas save that person ??


Waalaykum al-salam

Thank you for your question.

It is normal for a person to be anxious and have some sort of excitement and worry for his/her future. And it is equally normal for a person to want to know what is to follow in his/ her life. However, these questions, anxiety, and excitement come from thinking that whatever is to come has been planned out by Allah (az). He is the one who laid down everything already, all I am doing is walking through it in a time frame.

Whereas, this is not true. your future is what you’re making and doing today. Life is nothing but a choice. A person will see nothing but the result of the choices s/he has made. The only thing a person can do is make dua that Allah blesses him with the strength and insight of making the best choices in order to have the best result.

Hence, your future will only be what your preference and likings are today. It can be improved by making and keeping that connection with the Almighty (az). After all, we are immensely in need of Him. And only He possesses the power to change our current state by blessing us.

hope this was useful,