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Uttering the Word ‘Talaq’ Thrice


As salam o alaikum My name is Asad Khan I got married on 27th May 2016, after few days of marriage my wife started troubling my family and went back to her mothers home on 21st June 2016. Then she started saying that she will return back only if you will leave your home, she don’t want to live with my parents. We all tried to confess her that what you are doing is not good still she dont listen to us, her family also supported her in this. Hence, on 31st of July 2016 i again asked her to return home and live happily but she again refused to return back so i said her 3Talak in once. Now the girl is saying that she wants to live with us and she does not believe in such talak spoked verbally. I took a fatwa from one of the MUFTI and i got answer that the girl is HARAM for me now and you cant accept her without HALALA. Now my question is Talak process done.? Is that girl really HARAM for me now.?


Alaykum Salaam

This is not a valid method of talaq as per Shia Ja’fari Madhab.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer