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Is The Nikaah Valid


Assalam o alaikum! Sir please guide me if my nikkah is valid or not . Actually my wife is buddhist and was almost 6 months pregnant when i did nikkah with her ,Imam of mosque asked her to read Kalma and changed her name to Aysha and after around 3 months of nikkah we had a daughter,but my wife still practise buddhism So my question is Is my nikkah is valid and is my daughter is legitimate I would highly appreciate your help Many thanks

Alaykum Salaam
If she was a Muslim at the time of Nikah then the Nikah is valid. You should also try to keep talking to her about the religion so that she can become more observant to her shahada.
For legitimacy, conception should be within wedlock, but this is a secondary issue for now. Your primary duty is to make sure that your wife is observant of the religion by trying to answer any doubts or questions that she may have.
Kind regards
Abbas Jaffer