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Al Salam alakum, I have a question that might seem self explanatory but, theory had been a major fight in the family home concerning wheathrr the spray from the toilet when the lid is open would make someone nagis(dirty) if they sat down on it. Can you please clarify this as this has become a big issue with people leaving the toilet lid open and the flush makes a mist in the bathroom thus spreading microscopic particles and small drop everywhere. I appreciate your time


Salam Alaykum,

The general rule of thumb to remember is:
“Every thing is Paak, unless you are certain it is Najis.”

And the certainty has to be 100%. You have to be completely sure it is
Najis, if you are doubtful, it is considered as Paak.

The flush mechanism causes a few litres of water to push out the waste, and
it is unlikely the mist created from that would be Najis. Unless you are
sure it is Najis, it can be considered as Paak.

Irfan D.