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Is the job of this salesman haraam or halaal


A man open a new Noodles shop and hire a salesman who offer people FREE Noodles and ask them to say few Good lines about Noodles on a video recording, so people will watch that positive video about it’s reviews and buy. If a person don’t like noodles than that salesman request those testers to speak only good words. If a tester say any negative word then there will be no sales and shop owner will not pay salary to salesman and fire him. Whereas, salesman is not allowed to taste noodles and he have idea how it tastes. It may be good or bad. In that case, Salesman’s salary is Halal or Haram?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question. For your Question I called the office of Sayyid Sistani and they confirmed that your income is Halal.

Kind regards 

Naajiya Jaffery