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Confused About My Marriage


Assalam o alaikum

I’ve a confusion please help me to solve it. My husband once while scolding me said that from now u r free and free means talaq. But he didn’t say directly that I’m giving you talaq n I’m not sure what was his intention. Then he apologized. I told my father in law but he said u both r safe. After that he has ordered me two times on phone that just leave my home go away take the kids along I’ll bear ur expenses whatever the court decides. He said I don’t want to even see ur face. Will it be counted as talaq. Once he asked his father to ask me to go to my parents home with kids n stay there until he comes back to Pakistan (he is in USA for 4 yrs n is not sure when will he come back or can v go there or not). I still want to live with him just for the future of my kids but don’t know his intention that whether he just used to threaten me or have any wrong intention but once I asked him about his intention, he said no I’ve no bad intention right now.

Kindly tell me are v safe is our relationship halal.

Please do reply me. JazakAllah khair


Alaykum Salaam.

His threats on the phone don’t count as talaq. You are still his lawful wife.
Kindly be advised that you need to keep strong in such times. Being unnecessarily afraid of your husband will create problems for you and lead to irrational feelings in your children as well, such as lack of self esteem, aggression and the like.