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Tabarra & Physical Abuse


Is it permissible to physically abuse and hit another Shia female in the imambargha when she does lana’a on Abu Bakr umar yazid shimr hoormala etc? Is tabarrah haram?

A few Shia women attacked another younger Shia female when the younger female did tabarrah. What should be done when Shia women attack other Shia women in a holy place? The Shia females who attacked said that Ayatullah sistani has given out a fatwa that says tabarrah is haram.

Is it justifiable to hit a momina in a imambargha just because she has expressed her views and she did tabarrah?


Alaykum Salaam

Physical abuse in this manner is not permitted. It is best to sit down and discuss these issues together with a scholar whenever possible. The scholar can then explain the meaning of tabarra.
Ayatullah Sistani has certainly not said that tabarra is haram, what he has advised against is the cursing in public of those individuals who are held in high esteem by our Sunni brethren.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer