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Is Saying Ya Rasulallah shirk?


Asalaamu alaikum sheikh saying ya Rasool allah leads to shirk but sometimes I forgetfully say ya rasoolullah then I repented from it “my questions I’m unaware of it .will allah forgive someone who did shirk due to forgetfully or unaware of it . Thank you


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

Saying Ya Rasulallah is not shirk.

Shirk is when you associate a partner to Allah (az) naudhubillah. And when you say Ya Rasulallah, you certainly don’t  believe he is Allah’s partner (God forbid)

these words usually come out of our mouth out of love for Prophet Muhammad (s). So let it be, it is Dhikr InshaAllah and Entails a lot of blessings from Allah (az)