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is Rhinoplasty allowed


assalam o alikom. I just wanted to ask can I go for rhinoplasty ? I know we human beings are not allowed to alter God’s creation, and its haram. but what if its badly influencing my confidence, self esteem and even my future life related decision i-e marriage? As so many guys have rejected me just because of my nose and looks. now I can’t uncover my face even in front of females, I feel as if all of them are looking and mocking at my nose. I really want to have my rhinoplasty done but at the same time I am afraid of doing something that might be Haram. would be so grateful if anyone could guide me in this regard.


Waalaykum Salam

The office of Sayyid Sistani had to say the following to your Question:

It isn’t Haram, if it isn’t counted as self harm. Therefore, you can go for rhinoplasty if it’s not counted as Harming yourself.

Good luck
Naajiya .S. Jaffery