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Is purchasing books via credit card permissible as they charge an interest on it?


Assalamualaikum. I Am from India. I work from home. I work for a person in USA. He is a Muslim and works for a company but he sells books in Amazon as his part-time business. He hired me to look after the book business like buying, listing, pricing etc. And to sell, we buy books online and pay through CREDIT CARD (visa card). I heard that using credit card and paying interest is haram. We use credit cards for purchasing books. Sometimes my boss buys it but I don’t know if he uses cash or card and sometimes he asks me to purchase online so we have pay using credit card option only. And I do as its part of my job. I was not knowing that they charge interest if we fail to pay the bill on time and its haram. So, my doubt is,
1. Is this way of job halal for me where credit card is used to buy the item? Should I quit job? Coz I don’t know if he pays the bill before he is charged with interest.
2. I have savings from this salary so is that savings also becomes haram for me?
3. If this sort of job Is haram then can I ask him to give me another task only like listing and pricing and not buying so that I don’t buy books from card,…. but again if he buys with credit card and pays me salary for other task then will my job be considered halal???
Please advise.
Jazakallahu Khair.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

If they take interest on credit cards then it is not allowed to use but without interest, one can purchase and use the credit cards.

Credit Cards

Question 68: Some banks distribute cards free of charge or for a defined price such that:

1. It is possible to withdraw any amount from the bank without interest except for service charges for the bank machine.

2. If he (user) delays repayment by a month, then he is charged interest under the title of “late payment” and similar items.

What is the ruling for this in the event where repayment is delayed or otherwise?

Answer: There is no objection to withdrawing the amount with the intention of “unknown owner” (majhul al-malik), and not as a loan; it can be corrected by obtaining permission as mentioned in response No. 69 (see next page). The person’s knowing that the bank will demand repayment of the principal and interest does not impair this, and when the bank requests it (repayment), it should be made to it. (MMS, p. 31, Q61)

Answer 1:

Job is Halal and you don’t have to research if you don’t know your owner pays the bill before or after he is charged. Since you don’t know it there is no problem in it.

Answer 2:

As you don’t know the salary and the savings is counted as Halal and you don’t need to research about it.

Answer 3:

It will not be counted Haram.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider