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Halal or Haram for Plastic Surgery to Look Normal ?


Is it possible if you can advise whether or not otoplasty is allowed in Islam? I know that it’s not allowed to make someone beautiful. However I do not want to beautify; I just want my ears to look as normal as anyone else, because my ears currently stick out on both side(protruding ear). I would like to perform an otoplasty, which is a small operation that attenuates the back of the ear (cutting, removing cartilage and excess skin, and folding the cartilage to the correct position and fastening it with internal stitches). It does not reduce the size of the ears or reposition them; it just puts them back so they don’t come out. This operation also if done correctly it will not harm the overall health.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question
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Naajiya Jaffer