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Is my Nikah valid without a wali


Asslam o Alikum, I got married 9 years ago, when I was baligh. I did court marriage to protect myself from sins, in Pakistan. During our nikah we had 2 male witnesses, molvi judge and Surah Al Nisa was recited and dua was made and we both consented with heart. As per constitution of Pakistan (Islamic country) nikah is valid. But there was no wali present or consented at the time of nikah. As I didn’t inform anyone as I knew they will not agree.Neither I knew wali is mandatory at that time nor my husband knew neither did the molvi who did nikah told that to us. He was also a nikah registrar. But very soon after my nikah within a month my family came to know about my nikah, initially there was hype then they agreed and my father sent me back to his house to my in laws in multan. Then after some time my rukshati was also done with my elder sister (married to his elder brother). I was an ignorant muslim at thay time. Now since 1 year I have changed a lot and reverted back to ALLAH and I fear HIM for all my sins. Now I have around a 5 years old son too. But today I saw videos on YouTube telling me that ” No nikah is valid without a wali- and a woman that does her own nikah is zani ” . I see different sects groups and fatwas, some hanafi says nikah is valid, some says wali is not required, while others say nikah is not valid, without a wali. I searched online. Some says where u live your country follows the group same goes for u in islam. done Now my question is is ny nikah valid or not ? What about that Sahih Ahades that they quote? Is it shaitan adding waswasas to me ? If not valid then what should I do ? Am I supposed to re nikah him ? And I heard that double nikah is not allowed. Plz guide me. My husband says nikah is valid as per fatwa of Mufti tariq masood and it is shaitan misguiding you… Also he makes mention of Sahih Bukhari hadees when a woman proposed Hazrat Muhammad SAW and he refused and a Sahabi said I will marry her and Hazrat Muhammad SAW got her married to him without a wali. I really fear ALLAH , plzz help me, in the light of quran and Sunnah and as per my situation is my nikah valid or not and what should I do ? Plz guide me asap as


Waalykum salam 


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Naajiya Jaffery