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Assalam o alaikum.

When I was in school I had been in a haraam relationship with a boy and for fun my friends wrote a nikkah naama which included all the details like parents’ name, witnesses, lawyer, molvi (my friends pretended to be one of the characters). It even included the mahr. Then a female friend asked us separately if we accept each other as wife and husband thrice. I had taken it as a joke and ignored it but now after several years, an aalimah i know told me that the nikkah was done at that time and I should either immediately tell my parents about this so that the nikkah would complete or ask the guy for divorce else I would be doing a major sin. I want to confirm if i did get married to the guy or not. I do not want to burden my parents with this information without confirming if its true or not.

Hope you reply me soon. Jazak Allah Khair. Allah hafiz.


Waalaykum salam.

Not at all my dear sister. You aren’t married!

Your father’s permission was a condition for a nikah to take place. besides all, it was not something with serious intention (although we should make sure we abide by the dos and don’ts of Allah (s.w.t))

Hope this was useful.