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Nikah in Secret


I have performed Nikkah with my cousin in presence of two muslium males as witness . I have asked her would you come into my nikkah and she replied in yes three times . She also asked me the same and also replied in yes . Is she my wife now? She was behind a door due to hijab . Kindly reply me ASAP. Our family was delaying it so we have performed it ourself so we can talk .This Nikkah was performed secretly .


Salaam Alaykum.

Kindly refer to the below rulings according to Ayat…. Sayyid Sistani

“2377. If a woman and a man themselves want to recite the formula of
permanent marriage, the woman should first say: Zawwajtuka nafsi ‘alas
sidaqil ma’lum (i.e. I have made myself your wife on the agreed mahr), and
then the man should immediately respond thus: Qabiltut tazwij (i.e. I
accept the marriage). In this way, the marriage contract will be in order.
Kindly note that it is the woman or representative of woman who begins
with the ijab and the man or his representative responds to it by
accepting her as his wife.

2379. On the basis of precaution (obligatory), the formula (Nikah) of
marriage contract should be pronounced in correct Arabic. And if the man
and the woman cannot pronounce the formula in correct Arabic, they can
pronounce the Nikah in any other language, and it is not necessary to
appoint any representatives. But the words used in translation must
convey strictly the meaning of “Zawwajtu” and “Qabiltu”

Kindly also note that if the lady (your cousin) is a virgin, then her
father’s consent is necessary for your nikah with her to be valid.”