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Is my fast and Ghusl valid ?


BISMILLA HIRAMANIRAHIM Salaam. My name is Jawaad and my question is that I am incontinent and I was doing ghusl janaba when I was washing my left side, the left leg somebody opened the bathroom door so I stopped ghusl for a few seconds to close the door and then continued washing from where I had stopped.I also doubt that time when I tried closing the door during the ghusl water was going over my left leg also some water had come on my right side although I had no intention of washing it. Is my ghusl valid and when I was washing my lips some water entered my mouth which spat out and I was fasting and I thereafter swallowed my saliva which I think contained water. is my fast and ghusl valid? pls reply asap salaams and duas.



Thank you for your question. Both your ghusl and fast are valid.
May you always be successful.
Zohair Ali.