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is Mother in Law Mahram


I read about the Islamic ruling that a man should not touch his Mother-in-Law, and if he does that, his relationship with his wife will forever become haraam. I got too much conscious about this. Today I visited my in-laws with my wife and I was too much conscious related to it, it was never like this before. My mother-in-law wanted to give me gift related to my birthday and I was not accepting the gift. She forcefully gave my the gift my lifting my hand and putting it in my hand. I had no sexual desire towards my mother-in-law before she handed over me the gift and even when she held my hand to give me the gift, I had no sexual intentions. BUT, I had a rush of blood in my body when she was continuously insisting and forcing me to accept the gift. When she held my hand to give me the gift, there was a rush of blood, but believe me there was no sexual desire or intentions from my end. I am very much upset now that whether my wife has become haram on me?


Salaam Alaykum,

Your mother in law is your Mahram and she no lesser than your mother.  She holds a very very lofty position in your life regardless your relation with your wife. Meaning, A mother in law remains her son in law’s Mahram even if he divorces his daughter!
It is amazing how Allah has made this so close yet respectful.

So don’t worry about it and enjoy this blessed blessing.

Kind regards