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is money saved from daily budget expense Halaal or Haram


Asslam-u-Alikum, Actually I am internee student in an organization, where we work on project basis,at last out of city project we were allocated a budget of Rs.6100 per day for our personnel expenses like meal,travelling,& hotling. These expenses do not affect on our work efficiency, these expenses were purely for our personnel expenses. Conditions was that if budget exceeds 6100, that extra was to be paid from your own pocket. But in this project my senior made saving by selecting a very low standard hotel. At the end of project he handover half saving to me. I could not resist because if I resist they will hold back my actual expenses that were paid from my own pocket and also whole organisation will go against me. Because to hold like these saving is considered normal in my organisation. Now the question is that either that money is Halal or Haram for me. If this is Haram than what should I do now, what is the solution. If solution is more than one than please guide me. Sir this problem will be faced by me for my whole life, and it also can affect on my EMAAN. So please considered it seriously. I am waiting for your kind reply.


Waalaykum Salam 

I’m not sure if I understood your Question Correctly,
But if you meant to ask if the money you saved by choosing cheaper accommodation is halal or not? Then it is halal because that is for your personal use that was meant to be given to you every single day. It is on you to use it the way you wish.