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Is marriage permissible after the month of Safar?


I was set to remarry on the 1st Rabi Al Awwal, but my fiance’s family are adamant that this is not allowed as we are still in the mourning period. The issue arises as it is very hard for me to move the date forward as it will mean my mother cannot attend. Because of her health and financial status it’s hard for her to travel multiple times to see me.

Is it disliked to marry on the 1st rabi Al Awwal?


Al-Salam Alaykum

There is no problem with getting married even in the month of Moharram and Safar, let alone the 1st of Rabi Al-Awal. Having mourning sessions and Matam does not mean getting Married is wrong in those months. However, most people do not feel happy during these days. So, they postpone it until after this month. only the first 17 days of Muharram are not good for marriage.

best regards!
Sayyid Madani