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Is listening Islamic rap haram?


I was wondering is listening to Islamic rap is haram. I know that music is haram, but if I listen to rap the talks about Islam and doing good things, is that wrong? Thanks.


As-salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Thank you  for your question

If the music is haram (because of ghina or being suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings) so listening to it is Haram.

Distinguishing whether or not a specific music such as rap music is a type of instance or applicability of haram or halal, is the responsibility of each individual.[3] Because, any individual that has even a concise understanding of music can differentiate between music that is mutrib and befits frivolous gatherings and music that is not like that. Therefore, even if revolutionary or war songs are mutrib and befit frivolous gathering then listening to that type of music will also be haram.


Rap music is no exception to this rule, and if it were to fall under the category of mutrib and befitting carouse gatherings then it also would be haram

According to the website of Ayatollah Sistani:

Question: Some of the reciters, singers or chanters adopt the tunes of sinful people [i.e., haram entertainers] and then sing or chant with their tunes poems in praise of the Prophet (s.a.w.) and his family—the result is that the context is different from that of the sinful people, yet the tune is suitable to theirs. Is it forbidden to sing in this way? Is it forbidden to listen [in this case]?

Answer: Yes, based on obligatory precaution it is forbidden.

For more info check:


AAA under the guidance of Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi