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Couple of questions regarding khums.

My year end is 31 December.

1. During my wedding in 2014, me and my wife received money as gift. We had both already intended that all the money (no matter what amount) received during the wedding will be saved for hajj. Till date, I haven’t touched the money and neither have I got the opportunity to go to hajj. Is the money liable for khums?

2. General money received as gift from parents or relatives, is khums payable on the same?

3. In 2013, I had savings of $3000 on which khums of $600 was paid. In 2014, I spent the remaining $2,400 and had no savings at 31 December 2014. In 2015, I have savings of $4,500. Is the khums payable on the full $4,500 or on the differential of $1,500 ($4,500 – $3,000).

With duas.


Salaam Alaykum.

Please find answers to your queries below:

1. Yes, it is liable for khums.
2. Yes khums is payable.
3. Khums is payable on the difference of $1,500