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House of Allah



Why do we say that the Kaba is the House of Allah? Because Allah is everywhere and is always aware of what we are doing, so is the Kaba are more symbolic interpretation of praying towards God?

I mean sometimes I think Allah wouldn’t fit in the Kaba I know that sounds really dumb of me but the question just pops into my head and I feel upset by these thoughts.



Bismillah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem
alSalam Alaikum

Allah (s) is unlimited, beyond this physical world, beyond space. Therefore, the Ka’bah being referred to as the House of Allah does not mean that Allah fits in the Ka’bah. Rather, it shows the importance of it.
Other things have also been referred to as houses of Allah, such as the Masaajid, or the heart of a believer.


Yassir A.