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is IVF allowed


If any couple is unable to do proper intercourse during sex and the husband has Asthenozoospermia sperm problem and wife amh factor or egg is low. At that case, if they are unable to do proper intercourse and go for IVF by their own egg and sperm. Is it permission able in Islam? As both husband and wife age cross 30 and husband age near 37. In these circumstances, they don’t want to delay anymore. They tried a few months, not 1 year and decide to go for IVF. Is it a sin to do IVF in such condition?

Salam Alikum
Thank you for your question.

On its own, IVF in laboratory environment is not Haram. But as it is often necessary to see, or to touch and look at the private parts, then it becomes Haram. Therefore, if unnecessary, the referred person is not allowed to show private parts. And anyhow, if the child is born; according to religious law, it is the legitimate child of the couple and all the religious rules like Mahramiyyat (kinship, blood relationship) and inheritance are applicable (unchanged; like the children of any couple).

☝this is ayatullah sistanis ruling. So in your case if you think its necessary then you are allowed to go ahead with the process.
Zahra Davdani.